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Embark on a Truly Authentic

Travel Experience

Traveling doesn't necessarily mean being at a destination away from home. It can be the experience of going somewhere, anywhere, and letting the act of traveling add color to your daily life. 


It's this passion that drives us when planning an itinerary for our clients. When you are able to take a break from daily life and travel, we'll be sure to make getting from point A to point B just as colorful as A and B. Let us make your next vacation an Activated Life Experience.

Steve Jacobus, Owner


is a truly unique, Full Service Concierge Level Travel Management Company

specializing in once in a lifetime travel experiences for individuals, couples and families. 

We’re dedicated to crafting authentic, nature inspired, culturally rich travel experiences that will exceed your expectations.

We’ll take care of all accommodations and tailor to your needs from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave the country.  

We work with luxury boutique hotels to give you the authentic Costa Rican experience in the heart of where you want to be.

zip line Costa Rica
monkeys Costa Rica Tierra Magnifica
Surfing Costa Rica
volcano tour Costa Rica

Things To Do

Volcano Hike


Hit the trails around Costa Rica's most famous volcanoes.

White Water Rafting


Navigate the thrilling and

untamed river rapids.

Zip Line

Soar above the misty treetops through the lush tropical rain forests.

Rain Forest


Explore the wild and exotic

Costa Rica rain forests.



Ride the waves in Costa Rica's

best surf spots.



Experience the remarkable nesting sea turtles and learn ways to protect them.



rainforest costa rica activated life
Volcano Tour Activated Life Costa Rica
beach vacation Activated Life Costa Rica
coffee plantation Activated Life

Not sure what kind of adventure you want?

Share with us your vision to see what ALE experience is right for you!

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