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Custom Itineraries

Arenal Costa Rica
Tamarindo Costa Rica
Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

There are lots of travel companies offering packaged itineraries to the same hotels, resorts and tours located in the most popular tourist destinations. Arenal, Manuel Antonio and Tamarindo are all on the tour bus route. There are wonderful experiences to be had in these locations but Costa Rica has so much more. With it's 5 distinct eco-zones and diverse biological environment, why not hop off the bus and design the perfect experience for you, unique to your interests and vision of what Costa Rica might be. Let's plan something really colorful and rich— from point A to point B, and the travels in between. That's what inspires us and that's why we don't offer tours.

Sometimes its' hard to make a deicsion when having to choose between all the exciting opportunities Costa Rica has to why not do it all? Click here to see one of our custom itineraries we built that quite literally, has it all!

custom itineraries

Family Camps

Costa Rica is an amazing family vacation destination. It has something to offer for every person and every age. We've created family camps to offer our clients with specific interest like surfing, adventure, nature and environmental sustainability, and experiences where everybody is thrilled and entertained. And most importantly, where mom and dad are not the tour directors being tugged at by antsy kids asking what are we doing next? That's our job... Yours? To play and explore with you family, and then relax in peace and tranquility.

Interested in learning more about our Family Camps? Contact us for a custom itinerary.

surf Costa Rica
Surf Costa RIca
Zip line Costa Rica

Signature Experiences

We started this company to share unique adventures and cultural travel experiences that stretch ones boundaries and inspires us to look at the world with a broader perspective. It's what we call an Activated Life Experience. Over the years, our adventures have introduced us to people with epic travel opportunities all over the globe; places of great historical significance and natural wonder guided by people continuing to make history while dedicated to preserving it.  

The team at ALE decided we should share some of these truly epic experiences, the ones you can say are Once-In-a-Lifetime. We decided to call them our Signature Experiences. If you want to be in the loop on these special expeditions please click here to join our ALE Explorers Club. You'll be the first to know about these truly Activated Life Experiences.

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family camps
signature experiences

Group Travel  & Executive Retreats

Costa Rica Executive Retreats

We've been designing executive retreats and private group travel experiences to destinations throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, North and South America for over 10 years. We begin planning each experience learning about the needs of group and its reason for going on the travel experience. Then we pick the destination that can deliver an environment conducive to the goals of the group and offer the activities that best serve their needs. We exceed our clients expectation every time, always. If you're looking for the perfect executive retreat or small group travel experience give us a call, you can only imagine how incredible your experience will be.


To learn more about our current Group Travel & Executive Retreats, please contact!

Costa Rica Spouse REtreat
Costa Rica Executive REtreats
group travel / exec retreats

Things To Do

volcano hike
Volcano Hike


Hit the trails around Costa Rica's most famous volcanoes.

white water rafting costa rica
White Water Rafting


Navigate the thrilling and

untamed river rapids.

wildlife hike Costa Rica
Wildlife Hike


Hike through the virgin rain forest to see amazing  exotic wildlife.

Cave tour Costa Rica
Cave Tour


Climb through the mystical underworld of hidden caves.

zip line costa rica
Zip Line

Soar above the misty treetops through the lush tropical rain forests.

rain forest costa rica
Rain Forest


Explore the wild and exotic

Costa Rica rain forests.

waterfall rappelling Costa Rica
Waterfall Rappelling


Vista Costa Rica's most beautiful waterfalls for an exhilarating rappel into the canyon.

sunset sail tour Costa Rica
Sunset Sail


Glide alongside dolphins through the crystal blue water and explore the mysterious islands that lie offshore.

surf Costa Rica


Ride the waves in Costa Rica's

best surf spots.

turtle nesting Costa Rica


Experience the remarkable nesting sea turtles and learn ways to protect them.

ATV tour Costa Rica
ATV Tour


Rev up your engine and ride off the beaten path through lush tropical rainforest, rivers and wildlife.

Safari Float Costa Rica
Safari Float


Float down the tranquil river while soaking in all the sights and sounds of the tropical rain forest.

more Things To Do
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